As a Reiki practitioner or Energy Healer you have more than likely heard your healing art  referred to as “woo woo”. As a Reiki Master myself and someone who is passionate about energy work, I have often wondered about the mechanisms behind the wonderful effects of Reiki, and found 2 articles describing what might just be the answer to that very question.

Amanda Johnson, in her article How Reiki works –the science bit, presents an insightful view of the possible science behind what we have simply been referring to as “energy” and “energy pathways”. Sighting the work of Professor Paul Davies, Dr. John Gribben,  Lynne McTaggart and others’ work in the field, now known as “Biophotonics”, she goes on to explain that science has long since known about the Bio-Electric field that surround our bodies and how this energy field can be influenced by our thought processes or intentions. In her article she makes the connection between the Mayofacial system of the body, which consists of a web of very fine tubes of collagen filled with a fluid conducting biophotonic signals or bundles of light energy allowing cells to communicate with each other, and the other more traditional energy anatomy systems such as the meridians or the chakras. According to Amanda Johnson, there are seven places in the human body where this collagen tube web of the Mayofacial system comes together in a more condensed way, corresponding with the locations of the 7 major chakras. This just once again confirms the wisdom of the ancients when they described these energy pathways in classical texts such as the Yellow Emperor.

During a conversation in an article called Epigenetics and Energy Psychology, Dawson Church, PhD and Robert Schwarz, PsyD, DCEP mentioned some of their findings during some very exciting clinical studies that are being conducted in the field of Epigenetics, a field that studies the effect of the environment on gene expression and how proteins produced by genes changes in response to environmental influences. In the article Dr. Dawson Church states that they now know that Energy work effects gene expression by up-regulating genes involved in healthy immune responses and by down-regulating inflammatory genes. This is good news for sufferers of chronic illness as inflammation is often the culprit in these diseases. It seems that our Reiki teachers were correct when they said that Reiki Energy “supports” the natural healing systems of the body.

Through my assessment of these two articles and my own experience with the wonderful healing effect of REIKI and other Energy Modalities, I have 2 things for you to keep in mind next time you encounter those people who roll their eyes at you, while uttering “Not that Woo Woo stuff again”:

  • Celebrate –With more than 40 scientific groups actively studying the field of Biophotonics, we are getting closer to a scientific understanding of the mechanisms behind energy work, which means it won’t be long until Modalities like Reiki becomes accepted by the main stream and you won’t ever have to listen to that “Woo Woo” stuff again.
  • Get the word out –become familiar with the growing body of scientific research out there and use these as opportunities to “enlighten” the masses by explaining the science behind energy work.

With these new developments in scientific research we can look forward to the day that Energy work becomes a central part of our health care system

Charl Swart

Charl Swart is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Master NLP Trainer and Hypnotherapist as well as the Founder and Managing Director of Transmute Coaching College